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Barristers are increasingly wakening up the importance of pro-actively marketing their services. Every Barristers’ Chambers are different and offer a different range of expertise, but the one thing all have in common is quality. Solicitors and clients alike associate the term Barrister with high-calibre, high-quality specialist legal advice. This should be reflected in everything you do – including your online presence. As more and more people – including Solicitors – search for legal advice and services online, it’s important to have an online profile which reflects your Chambers’ quality and expertise.

Internet Marketing for Barristers’ Chambers

There are two fundamental aspects of a solid online marketing campaign. First, it is essential to have anoptimised website, complete with a blog, which ranks highly in search engines for key phrases associated with your services & location. Second, it is important to have a strong social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn and Twitter, which can facilitate engagement with potential clients and help improve word of mouth marketing.

Inbound Marketing for Barristers’ Chambers

Inbound marketing allows your clients to find you. The cornerstone if this is an optimised, content-rich website which portrays your expertise and experience in a user-friendly, well-designed way and which can be updated with the latest legal news and your latest successful cases. At Zellera Legal Technology we specialise in creating flexible, scalable websites for law firms and Barristers’ Chambers, tailored to their exact needs.

Outbound Marketing for Barristers’ Chambers

We also specialise in out bound marketing. If you have a pool of solicitors from whom you normally receive instructions, it’s important you stay at the front of their thoughts. We have extensive experience in launching and running email and social media campaigns for Barristers’ Chambers, as well as creating newsletters to keep existing and potential clients informed and up to date.

Marketing for Direct Access Barristers

In the age of direct access, Barristers are now marketing their services to clients and solicitors alike. Many Barristers have, traditionally, relied on connections with firms of solicitors to keep instructions coming in. However, the internet now allows solicitors to broaden their horizons in terms of who they instruct so it’s more important than ever to strengthen existing connections – and to build new ones.

If a Barrister chooses to focus on winning business and expanding the practice and client-base via Direct Access, then there should be a change in focus from receiving most, if not all, work via referrals from solicitors or law firms. Instead, one area in which there should be an increased focus is in web marketing and generation of business through online means, mirroring the approach that many law firms now take.

Contact Zellera Legal Technology

As noted above, we can help you build a profitable website, delivering significant amounts of business for your chambers. We are different to most Internet marketing companies because we have a team of non-practising solicitors who are experienced in drafting optimised legal content for SEO purposes and provide a first class social media service. For further information on how we can help you please call us on 01923 750353 or click here.



“I first came into contact with Zellera Legal Technology through Twitter. Over a period of time we grew our relationship to a point where I felt comfortable instructing them to redevelop my website and manage my online marketing activities for me.”


“They have done an outstanding job of getting our website ranking highly for extremely competitive keywords…Zellera Legal Technology are a pleasure to deal with and continue to deliver great results.”


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