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“Is online marketing working for us?” Call tracking will help answer that question

Call tracking allows us to determine how many calls you get through your website and from what sources. It is a bit too clever for us to explain in real detail (other than in our introductory guide below) but suffice to say it is essential for any law firm wishing to track the success, or otherwise, of their online marketing efforts.

For law firms in particular, people are at least 4 times more likely to call than they are to fill out an online enquiry form. We need to understand what activities drive calls and which calls, from which sources, convert more easily and are of higher value. This is where the call tracking comes in.

Once implemented it allows us to focus more effort on your best performing keywords/activities thereby driving more business from our efforts. Everybody wins.

In our guide to call tracking for law firms below, we discuss the basics not just of how call tracking can produce significant returns for your firm, but also how optimising your own internal enquiry conversion processes is essential:-

  1. Call Tracking & Enquiry Conversions for Law Firms – How to Optimise Your Enquiry Process
  2. Tips for Increasing Your Client Conversions
  3. Tracking Every Source of New Business
  4. The Bat Phone Analogy: Prioritising Enquiries
  5. What to Track Through Call Analytics?
  6. How Call Tracking Works With Law Firm Websites
  7. Main Features and Benefits of Call Tracking
  8. The Significance of Optimising Your Enquiry Conversion Processes

We have deals with the leading call tracking providers and we pass these benefits straight onto our customers as we want our service, and our impact on your business growth, to be as transparent as possible.

Depending on the type of business and the campaign spend we can generate anything between 50 and 500 calls per month for our customers. Ask us about our conversion calculator and what these figures might mean for you. Call us on 01923 750353 or read our guide to call tracking and improving your enquiry conversion processes below to find out more.

Call Tracking & Enquiry Conversions for Law Firms – How to Optimise Your Enquiry Process

Recent studies show that there are largely ineffective telephone enquiry conversion rates and practices in law firms in the UK.

Given that we meticulously drill down into every aspect of our customers’ online business generation processes we see so many missed opportunities every day with law firms across the UK and beyond, not just at the point of the phone call being made, but even one step before that – at the point of tracking the source of the call.

“Over 90% of the people in firms handling the calls admit to either not being very good at it”

Conducted by Ian Cooper, author of the ‘Financial Times Guide To Business Development’, a survey on how law firms deal with incoming telephone enquiries from potential new clients was compiled following 254 mystery calls and interviews with senior management in 92 law firms.

Among the shocking (hopefully you find these as shocking as we do) findings were the following:-

  • Over 90% of the people in firms handling the calls admit to either not being very good at it or to not liking the task. (Compare that with those firms intent on driving new business in their doors and who regard every potential enquiry with priority it deserves (have you ever heard of the Bat Phone? We discuss in more detail below)
  • In 97% of all calls the call handler failed to either ask if the caller wanted to go ahead or make an appointment.
  • 70% of firms made no attempt whatsoever to track or monitor the new enquiries or conversion rates
  • 93% of firms called during the lunchtime period were either closed or had nobody to take the call – and that’s not even to think about evening or weekend calls
  • One call handler answered the phone with “Yes, a broken ankle is a very good injury … and if you are lucky, it will develop complications and you can claim more”. Other examples included a call handler who made remarks about whether the business would be profitable for their firm.

Tips for Increasing Your Client Conversions

The survey concludes on a more positive note with solid recommendations – 90% of firms who put their people through proper techniques training and work hard on implementing benefit from at least a 10% increase in conversion rates in the first month after the training, with conversion rates potentially doubling over 3-6 months.

As a lot of lawyers and businesses will realise, even if the initial opportunity is not a massively profitable piece of work, there’s also the potential for cross-selling to your other service areas.

There are certain other things you should bear in mind (other than advising that a broken ankle is a good thing!). Consider the conversion rates of the particular person who handles the calls, whether or not they have had training. Consider if there is someone else in your firm who has a much higher conversion rate when answering calls. Consider if the call handler knows the best person within the firm to pass the enquiry to. Consider if you have a call back request form on your website and the length of time you take to return the calls. All of these factors and many more add up.

In that respect, we have started to offer some of our customers an exclusive call handling service, where people trained in converting enquiries take the stress away from the receptionist within the firm (particularly for smaller 1-5 partner law firms). If that’s not an option, we also offer consultancy services on improving your own internal conversion rates. Give us a call on 01923 750353 to discuss.

But that’s all at the point of during or after the call itself. What about before the call even begins?

Tracking Every Source of New Business

There are still many law firms and other businesses, particularly those referred to above, who don’t realise why it’s important to track every source of new business to the nth degree and to act up on the intelligence to fine-tune their processes for the future. One great opportunity for law firms to take is through call tracking and integration of that call tracking with the firm’s website (and indeed where possible with social media channels, email newsletters and offline advertising). If the firm is able to track the source of all calls, then match up the accepted matters/cases with those calls and sources, then it will be able to see with complete visibility the sources in which it should be investing more money and the sources for which it should be terminating investment.

We have now implemented advanced call tracking for around a fifth of our customers’ websites (and provide it to them at around a third of the cost of most providers’ standard packages).

The ‘Bat Phone’ Analogy: Prioritising Enquiries

We find that the ‘Bat Phone’ analogy is an appropriate one. The name derives from Commissioner Gordon’s secure line to the “Batphone” in the Batman television show of 1966–68. (in Batman comics in the form of an encrypted cellphone that allowed Gordon to securely contact Batman, as well as allowing other calls just like a normal cellphone. It also carries a tracking device in case of trouble.

See, for instance, Wikipedia’s definition, which describes such a phone as having some of the following properties:

  • It gets answered outside of working hours
  • It does not make the caller wait on hold or navigate through cumbersome voice menus
  • The line rings straight through to technicians without having to be transferred from front lines. (in the law firm example, it goes to someone suitably trained and qualified to take the call).

When a call comes into your firm’s main enquiry number, do you, as a firm, prioritise it above anything else? If you do, you have yourself a ‘Bat Phone’ and are much more likely to have high telephone conversion rates. If you don’t and if you start to let calls slip or disregard the importance of the enquiries, you are missing out on serious opportunities. This is a particular travesty if you are investing a lot of money in your online or offline marketing activities on an ongoing basis.

What to Track Through Call Analytics?

If you can track as much as possible the following, you will be able to generate significant returns in the long term. These are the main things that should be tracked:-

  1. The source of the call (whether asking manually or, better yet, automatically tracking through call tracking)?
  2. What the call was about – which practice area, sector or service was the person looking for?
  3. Who they were – what was their number? This allows you to tie up the enquiry with the automatic call tracking.
  4. Was it a good lead?
  5. Did it actually generate business?
  6. How much business did it generate, either in the short or long-term?

How Call Tracking Works With Law Firm Websites

In terms of the basics of how call tracking works with law firm websites in practice, note the following:-

  1. The service works by the addition of code to the website so that for every visitor a unique telephone number is generated and presented to them on every page of the website (and that number will always be available for them to call back on).
  2. Each unique telephone number that is generated will redirect to the firm’s main telephone number, so every person who calls will still reach them.
  3. Visitors to the site shouldn’t notice the change and they will still reach the main telephone number immediately upon calling.

Main Features and Benefits of Call Tracking

The main features and benefits of callt racking include the following:-

  • Comprehensive call analytics, showing which sources produced which calls, particularly which other websites drove the calls and, digging even deeper, which keywords from which search engines (whether organic or PPC and whether Google, Bing or Yahoo (yes, Bing and Yahoo do generate enquiries too!)) led the visitor to the website before making the call
  • Full Google Analytics integration (the ability to set up reports on the calls as ‘Goal Completions’ alongside other goal completions (assuming you’re making use of these features)
  • Emails can be sent to report on any missed calls with a note of the source of the call (this can be particularly enlightening if your receptionist has been telling you that all calls are getting answered)
  • The average wait time on calls can be recorded
  • The location of calls can be tracked – this can be particularly effective if you find you are missing out on calls from certain areas and want to push those areas further in your online marketing

The following are some examples of some of the analytics that an effective call tracking system can produce:-

The Significance of Optimising Your Enquiry Conversion Processes

With every profitable piece of business counting for so much in challenging economic conditions, the significance of optimising your conversion processes cannot be understated.

Ultimately, call tracking provides you with a much better understanding of the most effective online channels within and outwith your website that are delivering enquiries by telephone for your firm. Provided this information is then acted upon, with greater investment being placed on those most profitable sources of online (or indeed offline) business, your business will thrive.

Of course, not even the best call tracking systems in the world would help if your receptionist is telling people their ankle injuries are great, failing to convert calls into diary appointments or even to pick up the phone in the first place.

Call Tracking for Law Firms & Lawyers in the UK – Find out more

Want to find out more about how call tracking can work for your firm? Drop us a line on our own ‘Bat Phone’ today on 01923 750353 and ask for Chris or fill out our online enquiry form here. We have achieved fantastic results for our clients and we can help you too.




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