Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for Law Firms

Turbo charge your online sales funnel

Your site has been designed and implemented, your content has been drafted and the PPC campaign is up and running. Blogging and social media marketing are underway. Your traffic levels are heading north as are your enquiries – let’s sit back and relax.

Let’s not.

CRO for Lawyers & Law Firms – More Conversions, More Enquiries, More Clients

Now is the time for the appliance of science to continually squeeze your activities to drive more and more enquiries. Through testing we can determine what is working and what is not with a view to doing more and more of what is working on an ongoing basis (a process termed ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation’ (CRO)).

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Top 7 Tips for a Successful Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy for your Law Firm

Want to know more before getting in touch? Read Stephen Zellera’s blog post Can law firms really make money on the Internet? Here’s the proof and 5 step recipe for success. And below are our top 7 tips to successfully start implementing your CRO strategy and indeed mindset of the legal marketers for your law firm:-

1. Start with Small Steps

With many law firms, any amendments to the firm’s website or digital marketing strategy can cause controversy. Some firms require committees and approval of several partners to agree changes. Such a setup isn’t ideal when you’re looking to make the fast and constant amendments to your site required for ongoing split testing and conversion rate optimisation. So it’s best to take small steps initially – perhaps split test landing pages that aren’t critical to the business.

If you can prove that your changes have worked well adapting such pages, with detailed reporting on improvements in key metrics and ultimately increases in client enquiries, then you’ll more likely win approval to be able to apply similar testing processes to the higher traffic, more valuable landing pages of the website. The CRO process works best with team-work, ideally with both your internal teams and your agency working together to get the best possible process rolled out across the entire website. And, as noted below, it’s not all about just the website when it comes to CRO – consider the whole online business generation strategy.

As an online business generation agency, we know many of the types of changes that will generally improve conversion rates on a law firm’s website, but even still, it’s important to apply the conversion rate optimisation process to each firm individually – there may be some elements that work for one firm in a certain legal sector with a certain unique brand that simply won’t work for another firm in a different legal sector with a different brand.

2. Use the right CRO tools

You may have the best conversion rate optimisation mindset and strategy in place, but if you don’t have modern tools you could be losing ground to your competitors.

For instance, if you’re aiming to make improvements with usability, you may want to use heatmaps or other visual analysis tools.

A heatmap can show you where visitor attention is getting placed on your site – as the above illustrates, there may be various slight factors affecting the position of the page where the visitor’s eye is drawn. Following such analysis, further split testing can help you ensure you’re getting as many eyeballs as possible on exactly what you want them to be on.

And note that visual analysis is just one of many areas where you can make use of modern tools. There are many other relevant tools, such as quantitative ones like Google Analytics, and other qualitative ones likes Qualaroo and Survey Monkey (which can be used to gather useful visitor feedback).

3. Expand your KPIs

With conversion rate optimisation, it’s important not to focus on just a handful of key performance indicators (KPIs).

One of the main KPIs is your website’s conversion rate – the percentage of visitors that make an enquiry (whether through an online enquiry completion or phone call, provided you have call tracking enabled, or email enquiry etc).

But other KPIs should be considered, such as monthly monetary value of enquiries. Ultimately, your turnover and profit from your online enquiries must be considered regularly – as a result of changes to your online marketing campaigns you may be getting an increased number of enquiries, but perhaps they’re of lower quality (eg too many legal aid enquiries) and actually losing you money. If you’re able to show that your conversion rate optimisation improvements have resulted in increased profit, you’ll be able to get much more buy-in from the partners in your firm, resulting in increased investment in your online marketing activities. So think about the big picture.

4. Consider the whole funnel

Many clients of certain types of law firms will be forced to make ‘distress purchases’. For instance, a landlord may have to evict a tenant from their property and will require a lawyer to ensure the eviction happens as fast as possible. These types of clients who will use search engines like Google then arrive at your law firm’s website and make an enquiry are at the bottom of the funnel, and they get there fast. However, there are other potential clients nearer the top of the funnel who may have visited your website once or twice for the information they need and may still not convert into making an enquiry. But if they get the answers they need from your website, there’s a good chance they’ll remember you in the future when they’re in real need of your services. So metrics like time spent on your main guide pages or blog visits count. From a CRO perspective, think about ways to get the most value from such visitors.

5. Monitor and measure constantly

With any CRO campaign it’s important to constantly monitor and measure your success. If A/B split testing, ensure you’ve kept a note of what the main two variables were (there should always be only two variables!) and how your main KPIs have differed over time. If any given test shows a clear winner within a short period of time, it’s worth moving onto the next test immediately. Constant refinement and many iterations are the keys to success in the Internet age.

6. Don’t just focus on the website

When aiming to improve your conversion rates, don’t just think about your website. Split testing can be applied to any aspect of digital marketing, including social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC campaigns and many others. For instance, within your Twitter strategy, are you publishing with or without relevant hashtags? One week with hashtags and one week without, or one account with and one account without will lead to differences in certain KPIs within Twitter (and you’ll probably find that those with relevant hashtags do much better).

7. Always Be Testing

Lastly, it’s important to Always Be Testing. Getting into a mindset of split-testing as much as possible will allow your online marketing skills and campaigns to evolve significantly. If you aren’t continually trying to improve your campaigns, your results will most likely be as they’ve always been and, indeed, you may end up losing ground to competitors who are working harder at improving their online marketing than you are.

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