Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms – 5 Best Tips

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The topic of the effectiveness of email marketing for law firms and professional services companies is one which marketers regularly debate; is it on its way out? The answer is that it certainly doesn’t appear to be. One of the best statistics to quash this argument is the fact that nowadays more than 200 million emails are sent every minute, according to this article. In a society where everyone’s inbox is updated daily with a fresh batch of emails, it’s essential that yours stand out. And what we tend to find from speaking to many lawyers in firms without a marketing department (whether inhouse or outsourced) is that email marketing is almost always put on the back-burner, whether because their contacts database hasn’t been updated in years or they simply don’t have the time or resource. Below we’ve outlined 5 of our top tips for making sure your law firm’s newsletter is effective in capturing the attention of recipients. If marketing through email is an unfamiliar concept to you, please click through to read more on the benefits of email marketing for law firms.

1. Know your audience and segment it

Compiling one list from your client database is a great first step for an email marketing campaign (indeed, many traditional law firms struggle to even get past this hurdle because they haven’t collected email addresses from clients, or, where they have, such email addresses are confined to paper, not entered online). However, it is worthwhile segmenting your audience for best results. Narrow your focus and adapt your messages for certain sub-groups. In turn, recipients will likely find your campaigns more relevant, which fosters better results and a higher potential for resulting enquiries. Another useful tip is creating a call to action on your website specifically for newsletter sign-ups. This way you will gain insights as to what content/service offerings your audience wants to read about.

2. Think about the Subject

The subject line of your email is very important. It will determine whether the recipient decides whether it’s worth a read. If the subject line isn’t attention-grabbing, the rest of the newsletter essentially no longer matters. Focus on the best service offering which features in your email, or choose the subject of the blog post which is highly topical that week. You can gather really insightful data for each campaign from email marketing tools (we use MailChimp with bespoke conversion-focused design as always) and there is an element of trial and error to email subject lines. By assessing the open rate of each campaign, the subject should be adapted appropriately. NB. according to this MailChimp guide, the industry standard open rate for legal sector emails is 22.5%.

3. Personalise your emails

Personalising your emails is an important step in converting recipients into clients. Modify the opening text of your newsletter to ensure it’s relevant to the relationship that audience has with your firm. Ensure your newsletter template has been built so that the first name of each subscriber pulls through. Include clear call to actions where appropriate to best increase your chances of engagement. These personalisation tips are all simple but important steps you can take to improve each campaign.

4. Quality over Quantity

Whilst it’s certainly good to plan ahead with regards to the timescales for sending each campaign, sometimes it is worth holding off until you have relevant and interesting updates. There is no use in sending an email for the sake of it and in fact, it may do more harm than good. If a recipient reads a newsletter which doesn’t provide much insightful knowledge or service offering, then it’s possible they’ll unsubscribe or not bother opening the next email you send. On the other hand, creating campaigns less often with high quality, relevant content – perhaps once a month – may result in a higher open rate.

5. Content is King

It still remains that high quality legal content is essential for law firms marketing themselves online. If you have a structured content strategy in place, it is likely you’ll be adding content regularly to the legal service areas in which you want to focus, as well as regularly writing blogs. A mixture of blogs and excerpts from landing pages tend to form the basis of our existing clients’ successful email marketing campaigns. Having in-depth, authoritative legal content on your website has a whole host of its own benefits (mainly for the purposes of SEO, demonstrating knowledge and ultimately generating great leads), however it also means that your firm’s email newsletters can become an avenue in which to channel your expertise.

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