Email Newsletter Design & Marketing for Law Firms

Email newsletters and updates are a cheap and extremely effective way of keeping clients and customers updated with details of offers, recent developments and news. In addition, they can really help drive traffic to your site.

We can help you put in place the right design and create the best strategy to help you succeed with your email marketing campaigns.

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Email newsletter design for UK law firms and lawyers

At Zellera Legal Technology we have experience of designing and developing:

  • Digital Brochures.
  • Digital Bulletins.
  • Client Updates.

Email newsletters and updates are an extremely cost effective way of keeping clients and prospects updated with details of offers, recent developments and news. In addition, they can be tied in effectively with your social media accounts and they can really help drive traffic to your site.

Publishing your newsletters to your law firm’s website/blog

Law firm and other business’ newsletters are usually produced following hours of fee-earner time and are usually distributed by mail and email. Such newsletters have been, and indeed still are, useful both for marketing purposes and for keeping clients and potential clients updated with developments in practice areas of interest to them. While firms also choose to post such newsletters to their websites, many are still missing out on the opportunities offered by blogging.

The reasons for doing so are compelling:-

  • The content becomes more visible in search engines, particularly if the meta data behind the posts is optimised;
  • Targetted traffic to the firm’s website increases, especially if the blog is integrated within the firm’s website;
  • The content becomes more fully searchable;
  • The content can be distributed via RSS feeds to readers’ RSS readers or to social media networks;
  • Readers can easily share the posts to their social networks;
  • Content can be published immediately, rather than waiting for weekly or monthly intervals; and
  • Lawyers’ and firms’ reputations are enhanced as they demonstrate and share expert knowledge, which also promotes trust and brand loyalty.

And the list goes on.

If a good deal of effort goes into producing content for a newsletter, it is important that such content is also delivered to other avenues on the web to give it greater exposure. Publication on a blog is one powerful route to making that happen.

Why Should You Create An Email Newsletter For Your Law Firm?

Create Awareness

By designing and sending out an effective newsletter you are creating awareness for your law firm. Current and prospective clients will be reminded/made aware of your services and business. It just might be that they were in the market for an employment lawyer and your newsletter has made them aware of your services. Prospective clients may have a limited perspective of what your business can offer. When sending out a newsletter you can include links to more detailed information on your website, this can lead to the client finding out more about your services and ultimately could lead to business.

Build Relationships

Sending out regular newsletters whether that be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly – it allows you to build a relationship with your clients and prospects. Maintaining contact between sales will create a stronger relationship and by having that sense of trust and familiarity with your brand or business, clients will be more inclined to come to you in the future.

Flaunt your Expertise

Establish your company as leaders in the industry. A newsletter can demonstrate your expertise and display your experience and recent work. Include blog posts, share tips, cover any important recent issues in the legal sector. This establishes a leadership and clients and prospects will feel a sense of security that you are knowledgeable in your field of work.

Get Business

By having calls to action and links throughout the newsletter leading back to your website you are increasing the chances of a sale significantly. The more people that are clicking through to your website, the higher the chance clients/prospects reading about your services will then follow through with an enquiry.

What Kind Of Content Should You Include In Your Newsletter?

News about your company/Upcoming Events

Just moved office? Got a new member of the team? Write about it. Let your clients and prospects be involved in your company and what they do. They will feel much more involved in the company and will get to understand your brand. Newsletters can also be a good way to remind people of any upcoming company events/seminars.


Establishing yourself as a thought leader and an expert in your industry is important. So include links to your blog which can give people helpful tips and advice. Share your knowledge – chances are if clients/prospects are seeing that you’re confident and knowledgeable in your area of business then they will be more willing to do business with you.

Case Studies/Success Stories

In general, people like to read a story with a happy ending. Show your clients but more importantly your prospective clients your most recent success stories. You can tell people you can do all these services, but actually showing them real life examples of what you have done for real people is proven to be much more effective. Examples of case studies generate feelings of trust and assures clients/potentials that you are capable of the services you advertise.

Industry News

Has any recent event occurred in your industry that may affect either you or your clients/prospects? Let them know about it. This shows that you follow the trends and can respond to them quickly as a company. It can also further create a bond between you and your client/prospective by displaying news that you can both relate to.

What Should My Newsletter Look Like?

Before creating a newsletter, you must first agree on a standard style throughout. Do you want your newsletter to be a list of content, staggered box content, lots of images?

Content is the most important part of any newsletter, but after you have perfectly crafted out all the right things to say, how do we display this most effectively? There are various programmes and numerous different ways to create a newsletter. Once you have decided on a program that works best for you, please consider these points when creating:

  • Style of the template
  • Title of newsletter
  • Headings
  • Font types & sizes
  • Images
  • Colours (Do they keep in line with your brand image?)

Who Should I Send My Newsletter To?

We would advise sending your newsletter to:-

  • Current Clients
  • Prospective Clients

Ensuring that you have permission to send to these e-mail addresses and also giving the option to all clients/prospective to ‘unsubscribe’ at any given time.

Contact Us for Professional Law Firm Email Newsletter Design & Marketing

If all this sounds like a lot of work and a bit confusing then don’t worry, we are experts in this field and we are here to help. At Zellera Legal Technology, we help law firms in the UK get the most out of their expert content. Sometimes we hear lawyers saying that they feel like they shouldn’t spend much time, effort or money on Internet marketing because they get little ROI from their online activities. But this is often fundamentally flawed: we find that those supporting this view often have not invested enough in online marketing to receive decent results.

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