Internet Marketing for Employment Law Firms

The website of an employment law firm is often the first point of contact for a potential client who may face issues in the workplace and need the services of a solicitor as soon as possible.

Moore Legal Technology helps employment solicitors create websites that work and helps them integrate social media solutions and best SEO practice to deliver some excellent results. Marketing for employment law firms can be difficult as both employer and employee clients must be catered for.

A good deal of employment lawyers view online marketing as expensive and altogether different from the more traditional forms of advertising such as the Yellow Pages, newspaper or TV advertising. We can show you how investing in an online marketing strategy for a niche area of legal practice such as employment law can deliver a massive return on your investment in a relatively short space of time.

Employment Law Firm Web Design – Best Practices

With web design for employment law firms, the following best practices apply, particularly in respect of landing page design:-

• It must look clean, clear and professional;

• Your ‘calls to action’ – telephone numbers, email addresses etc – must be immediately apparent;

• Visitors to the site should know exactly what you want them to do; if they are looking to bring an unfair dismissal claim, have seen that you provide an expert service and have an idea of the cost or whether they can get a free initial consultation, the next question they are going to ask is ‘How to I get in touch?’. If this is even slightly difficult for them to work out you may lose a potential client.

• You should have ‘trust icons’. Membership of the Employment Law Association and other legal bodies and organisations of which your solicitors are members or in which your solicitors have been featured;

• You should define common legal terms used in employment cases;

• There should be links to your solicitors’ social media profiles;

• There should be videos with the law firm’s employment solicitors;

• You should have strong testimonials from your clients.

• You should include include as much employment legal content as possible in a structured and optimised manner, bearing in mind the key employment keywords such as ’employment law solicitors’ or age discrimination lawyers’. This makes your site easier for search engines to find, driving traffic toward your site.

• You should target certain locations: clients of employment law firms search both nationally and locally for their solicitor and your website should cater for this.

Even if you have had a website designed for your law firm in the past, there may be a reason why it is not delivering results. We can help you implement best website design practices to ensure you are getting the clients your employment law firm deserves.

Examples of our work include the Glasgow Law Practice online strategy, KLG Employment Lawyers & HR Advisers, SOR Solicitors and many other firms of employment lawyers across the UK and beyond.

Contact us for advice on all aspects of legal website design for employment law firms: 01923 750353.

Content for Employment Law Firms – Best Practices

With Internet marketing, particularly further to the recent Google ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ updates, content is king. With employment law, the same rules apply. Your website should be continually updated with relevant employment law content and should demonstrate the expertise of your solicitors.

Your content should be published in a structured manner. Generally, the more landing pages and the more informative content there is, the better. Especially where your site’s search engine rankings are concerned. If your site’s landing pages can rank first in Google for longer tail keywords such as ’employment tribunal solicitors’ or ‘TUPE lawyers uk’, this can often work better than focusing purely on homepage rankings.

The types of employment related content you should be publishing includes the following:-

• Content on various types of employment law – discrimination, harassment at work, contract law issues, maternity and paternity issues etc.

• Content relating to both employers and employees.

• Details of damages in employment cases such as likely settlement awards and details of negotiation or settlement processes

• Definitions of legal terms in employment cases such as damages.

• Details of common employment law situations or common types of action.

In addition to the above landing page ideas, your legal content should also be on current employment law news or cases and is best placed on a blog within your website. Blogging helps establish trust with your audience, but it is also great for SEO purposes to help you appear on Google in the best possible positions and helps you share your content quickly with your contacts e.g. on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

We can help you not only integrate a blog within your website, but also write bespoke employment content. Buying and implementing RSS feeds to employment legal news from other sources simply does not work as effectively as it used to – you need original, unique content to be published on your site published in an optimised manner.

With your website containing better optimised content, more links from other sites leading to your site in place, better internal linking, improved graphic design with properly tagged images, effective use of social networking and video marketing, you are more likely to attract more clients more often through Google and the web. Your Internet marketing strategy should be viewed not as a one-off website design exercise, but as an ongoing content publishing and integrated web marketing campaign.

We can help. We are different to most Internet marketing companies because we have a team of non-practising solicitors who are experienced not only with employment law, but also with drafting optimised legal content for search engine optimisation purposes. For further information on our services please call 01923 750353.

Best SEO Practices for Employment Law Firms

As noted above, online marketing for employment law firms is the most competitive area of all areas of legal practice.

With fierce competition and multi-million pound marketing budgets, it can be daunting to look at the first page of Google for employment law terms and think that it will take hundreds of thousands of pounds to reach the top places.

With our bespoke link building strategies, optimised landing page creation, content publication and social bookmarking strategies, you will begin to dominate the search engine rankings for your desired keywords and in your desired location.

For further information on our SEO services please call 01923 750353.

Social Media for Employment Lawyers – Best Practices

Social media marketing, including effective use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook can help you stand out from your competitors.

Employment lawyers can expect the following benefits from a coherent social media marketing strategy:-

1. Increased awareness of your employment law firm and its services among target clients

2. Increased relevant traffic to your law firm’s website

3. Improved favourable perceptions and increased trust of your firm’s brand

4. Development of targeted marketing activities

5. Increased search engine rankings for your website by virtue of social media bookmarking

6. Development of business relationships include an increased chance of word-of-mouth referrals and referrals from other solicitors

7. Ultimately, the generation of new business

We have helped create hundreds of optimised profiles of solicitors and law firms throughout the UK and beyond in the world on social network sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook and, with our more advanced social media services, we continue to manage certain social media accounts for employment lawyers and law firms to help them generate results online.

An example of our work includes the @lawclouduk Twitter account

We can you help your practice by:-

• Establishing, developing and managing optimised accounts on social media networks;

• Creating and maintaining an updated blog on your law firm’s website which will integrate perfectly with your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook accounts;

• Promoting your brand and website to tens of thousands of our relevant Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections

• Advising on best practice and policy for social media use

Contact us today for expert advice on all aspects of the social media marketing for your employment law firm. We’re very happy to offer some free initial advice (free = no strings) 01923 750353.

Online marketing solutions for your employment law firm

As noted above, we can help you build a profitable website, delivering significant amounts of business for your employment law firm. We are different to most Internet marketing companies because we have a team of non-practising solicitors who are experienced not only with employment law, but also with drafting optimised legal content for SEO purposes and provide a first class social media service. For further information on how we can help you please call us on 01923 750353.




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