How We Do It

This is a bit like trying to explain the combustion engine.

Essentially we are a group of people who:

  •  probably didn’t fit in elsewhere particularly well
  •  have a real interest in online marketing
  •  have experience of the law (not in a bad way)
  •  work relentlessly at delivering great results for our customers

The team view Stephen, who founded ZLT in 2003, as being the team manager. As well as being a qualified lawyer he has a degree in IT and started generating business online from the ground up, building his own sites, writing the content and doing the SEO. As his client base grew as a result of his track record of delivering success he inevitably had to grow the team. We would say he picks well. Every member of our operations team has a background in law or the legal sector. We know what it takes to generate real results online for law firms. Staff must be accountable and owner-like and each role carries with it responsibilities and authority. Stephen ensures we are meeting both his expectations and our customers’ expectations as a bare minimum – in fact we aim to exceed client expectations at all times.

Within the team we have all the expertise you would need; design, technical, SEO, PPC, Content marketing, Conversion analytics, Social Media Marketing and lashings of experience.

In one phone call we could explain how we do what we do but as our first ever customer says to us:

“You don’t get in a taxi and ask him how the engine works. You just ask him to take you somewhere. This is what I do with you guys. I don’t ask you how you do the things you do; I just look at the results”.
Contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we can help you: call 01923 750353 and ask for Chris.



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