Inbound marketing for law firms

The phrase ‘inbound marketing’ is everywhere at the moment – and its small wonder why. Inbound marketing offers an easy, low cost, high ROI way to generate business for law firms. Inbound marketing is so-called to differentiate it from traditional ‘outbound’ marketing techniques such as cold calling, email campaigns, adverts in the printed media and on TV and radio and networking events. None of these are channels are particularly relished by the legal profession! Inbound marketing turns the traditional dynamic on its head and allows customers to find you.

Their Problem, Your Solution: Inbound Marketing Online

Inbound marketing is about letting your customers find you. The internet is now the first port of call for the majority of people who need the help of a professional. Where once people may have picked up the Yellow Pages and selected a number or wandered down to the nearest solicitor’s office, nowadays, people increasingly reach for their laptop or tablet and consult Google. As such, marketing is now about making sure that your firm’s site appears high up on the list of search results. We liken failing to appear high up on the first page of prominent search engines to failing to answer the telephone – the client has come looking for YOUR services and YOUR site. If you don’t answer, one of your competitors will.

Content Marketing for Lawyers

The cornerstone of any inbound marketing or content marketing strategy for lawyers and businesses is a bespoke, content rich website which has been optimised for search engines. This is the hub of all your online activities and the place where potential customers are converted into clients. Social media, email newsletters and other online activities are the spokes reaching out from the hub. All of these should drive brand awareness and drive traffic at your site.

Inbound Marketing for Law Firms and Businesses

Zellera Legal Technology provides inbound marketing solutions to clients across a range of sectors within the legal market and beyond. We can help your potential clients find you and generate business for your firm. Our client conversion strategies and monthly reporting provide you a full and transparent overview of all our activities and allow you track the return on your investment.

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Your customers are out there and they are looking for your services. If they can’t find you, you’re losing business. We can help you capture their custom. Complete our online enquiry form here or give us a call on 01923 750353.



“I first came into contact with Zellera Legal Technology through Twitter. Over a period of time we grew our relationship to a point where I felt comfortable instructing them to redevelop my website and manage my online marketing activities for me.”


“They have done an outstanding job of getting our website ranking highly for extremely competitive keywords…Moore Legal Technology are a pleasure to deal with and continue to deliver great results.”


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