In our years of experience developing and maintaining high performance pay per click accounts for law firms in the UK and abroad, we have found that the best PPC campaigns are those combined with highly optimized, conversion focused websites which produce high organic rankings.

A website which lacks the elements necessary to turn a new visitor into a customer won’t benefit from PPC. But those sites which are content rich, fully optimized and include straightforward calls to action can see a significant return on investment from well-designed campaigns.

This is where we come in. Once your website is built, optimized and full of content we can implement effective paid online advertising campaigns for you.


Pay Per Click is a marketing model where you pay a search engine – Google, Bing, Yahoo – to show your advertisements in premium positions on search results i.e. the top 2-3 positions and down the right hand side.

The beauty of Pay Per Click is highlighted in its name: you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You bid on the keywords most relevant to your practice areas, create convincing advertisements and set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on each click.

Benefits of PPC for law firms and other businesses include:-

  • Quick return on investments
  • Appear at the top of search result pages
  • Set your budget.  There is no minimum or maximum on how much you can spend in a PPC campaign. Low budgets as well as higher budgets can create a substantial return.
  • Control budget on multiple levels – from your monthly budget right down to the maximum amount you want to spend for each click
  • Choose which search terms you target and adjust your campaign quickly to target certain locations and/or promote a specific service you offer
  • Having a combination of PPC ads and high organic rankings increases your presence on search engine result pages


“Far too expensive” “Too complicated” “Most profitable marketing activity” “Too competitive” “Necessary”

These are just some of the opinions on pay per click advertising we’ve come across as an online business generation agency who offer PPC services for Lawyers and Law Firms.

Yes PPC advertising costs money, can be complicated and is without a doubt competitive. But it can also be a cost effective, adaptable tool which provides instant results with that competitive edge all service providers are looking for.

Whilst Zellera Legal Technology focuses on generating organic results for our clients in the legal sector by building professional, fully-optimized and content rich websites, we do see PPC platforms as fantastic tools for giving our clients websites that extra traffic and enquiry boost.

Here we address the 6 most common misconceptions the legal profession has on PPC.

1 – I don’t have a big budget and my practice area is competitive: my ads will never show.

It’s no secret that the legal sector is a competitive one, with major cities being home to numerous law firms. Type the search term ‘solicitor London’ into Google and the results are endless, with ads showing as far as the 10th result page – a place rarely ventured.

For these competitive practice areas and locations it is obviously beneficial to have a larger budget. However, budget isn’t the only thing which determines where your ad will show. Google defines the position of your advertisement as your Ad Rank, which is determined by the combination of the following factors:-

  • Bid – the maximum amount you are willing to pay for someone to click onto your ads. It’s important to bear in mind that you won’t always spend your maximum, only whatever is necessary to outbid your nearest competitor.
  • Expected click through rate – Google has a whole mountain of data on what users actually click on, therefore they know if your ad fits the bill or not.
  • Ad relevance – your ad must be relevant to both the keywords and the page it links to and shouldn’t mislead the user.
  • Landing page experience – your landing page must be relevant to the ad and contain useful, high-quality information.

Therefore, even if you do offer services similar to a competitor law firm with a higher PPC budget; you could still show higher depending on your ad rank.

2 – I need to spend more money to get more clicks.

It’s important to remember that more ad clicks doesn’t necessarily mean more money. It’s equally important to remember that, as we’ve already discussed, more money doesn’t always mean more clicks.

What definitely does mean more clicks/conversions onto your website is a well optimized, targeted pay per click campaign with a high quality score, convincing ad copy and a variety of keywords.

Whilst pay per click does give instant results, it takes time and attention to perfect a campaign. Ongoing reviews should be carried out to discover what is working well for you and what isn’t; what potential users are searching for; what terms perhaps need a higher budget due to competitiveness; what ad copy brings in the most clicks; what your competitors are doing; if there are any seasonal trends etc. It’s all about experimenting to discover what brings in the most visitors to your website with the best return on investment. It’s unlikely that you will see the same results simply from throwing more money at your account.

3 – I don’t need to worry about my website’s SEO

Whilst PPC is proven to get results fast, it’s not as effective on its own as you may think. Paid adverts simply bring users onto your website, it’s then the website’s (and your) job to convert them into paying clients. Therefore, content is still most definitely king, and certainly will be for a long time to come.

A professional, highly relevant, useful website which is fully optimized and easy to navigate is a much more profitable asset long-term compared to paid advertising. It’s best to see PPC as a useful tool to bring more users onto your website.

Furthermore, if your website appears multiple times on Google search, both as a paid advertisement and as an organic listing, your brand is much more likely to stand out to potential clients as a trustworthy legal service provider.

4 – My click through rate is the most important metric on account performance

When looking at the metrics on your pay per click account, it’s hard not to focus on the click through rate (CTR) which shows the amount of times your ads have been clicked on when shown on google search.

CTR is the best indicator on how convincing your ads are. But when you really think about it, unless these clicks are leading to conversions, your marketing efforts as a whole aren’t performing as well as you may think.

Instead, focus on the conversion rate of your ads. How many time have you received a phone call from someone who clicked on an ad? How many times has a potential client filled out an online enquiry form after clicking on your ad? Converting visitors into clients is your ultimate aim, and even if your click through rate is high, this doesn’t mean that you are benefiting from pay per click.

5 – I need to include my targeted locations in every keyword

When you bear in mind that you pay for each time someone clicks on your ads, you will want to make sure that you’re targeting only potential clients. A law firm operating in and around the Glasgow area doesn’t want to attract people from Bristol – unless of course the user is looking for solicitors in Glasgow City Centre.

You may think then that you have to put the word ‘Manchester’ in every keyword to only target people searching for you: ‘family law solicitor manchester’, ‘criminal defense lawyer manchester’ etc. Fortunately, this isn’t the case.

First of all, this approach is very limiting. There may be a potential client in your targeted location who is simply searching ‘commercial lawyer’, and if, instead, you’re targeting the keyword ‘commercial lawyer manchester’ you could lose out on this business. 

Google AdWords, and other paid advertising platforms, give you a lot of control over this and allow you to specify your target audience. You can set your ads to show to either/both people searching for services in your location, or people searching from your targeted location. You can also exclude locations you definitely do not want to attract clients from.

6 – I shouldn’t bother with Bing or Yahoo Ads

Bing and Yahoo Ads may not be as heavily utilized as Google AdWords, but this can prove to be their ultimate advantage. Google dominates the search platform industry, and this is where the majority of searches are carried out. Why wouldn’t you want to put your money into Google?

Our advice is to definitely invest in Google Ad Words, but it may be beneficial to keep some of your budget behind for other paid advertising platforms. For the more competitive legal practice areas such as ‘divorce solicitor edinburgh’ there is a lot more room on Bing or Yahoo Ads for you to shine – at a much lower cost.

The E Word revealed that in July 2014, 88.82% of searches in the UK were carried out on Google, whilst Bing saw 6.61% and Yahoo 3.88%. Whilst these figures are miles apart, think of the 10% of searches, or potential clients, which you could be targeting for a very little cost and with much, much less competition.


Paid advertising can seem confusing and out of reach for many firms with a smaller marketing budget. But this isn’t the case at all.

Zellera Legal Technology have designed, implemented and carried out ongoing optimisation of pay per click strategies for many lawyers and law firms, covering every area of law under a spectrum of different budgets, and we see great results.

Our in-depth knowledge of the legal sector helps us to carry out the best keyword research, write personalized and appealing advertisements, and recommend a competitive budget for your campaign based on the area of legal practice you’re bidding on.

We can create a completely new PPC account for you which focuses on your unique selling points as well as the practice area(s) you wish to see a higher return on. Additionally, we can inherit an existing account and carry out any improvements necessary to maximize the return on your budget.

We consider ourselves to be specialists in online business generation for the legal sector, and we make sure to keep on top of any changes which may affect your account. We analyse results on an ongoing basis in order to refine and improve your campaign to keep your website competitive. You will always be kept up to date on the success of you campaign as we report to all of our clients on a monthly basis, and in order to ensure complete transparency we integrate all PPC campaigns with call tracking and analytics.


If you fancy an informal chat about your marketing activities and whether you would benefit from paid advertising, contact us on 01923 750353 and ask for Chris.




“I first came into contact with Zellera Legal Technology through Twitter. Over a period of time we grew our relationship to a point where I felt comfortable instructing them to redevelop my website and manage my online marketing activities for me.”


“They have done an outstanding job of getting our website ranking highly for extremely competitive keywords…Zellera Legal Technology are a pleasure to deal with and continue to deliver great results.”


“In my opinion, ZLT is at the very top of the website design industry in terms of price, quality of product, and customer service.”

Phillip Mason, Attorney at Law, TOM SMITH LAW

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