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What is the point in social media marketing? Ever since the advent of social media in the early noughties, people have been using it for marketing; and probably just as many people have been doubting its effectiveness as a marketing tool. There’s a common myth among professional services (such as law firms) that social media isn’t for them. Perhaps it’s too informal, or too risky, or lacking in a viable target audience. Let us prove you wrong, and help you get the most out of social media for your law firm. Contact our legal marketing experts today for a chat.

7 benefits of social media for law firms

First, let’s answer that question: what IS the point in social media marketing?

  1. Brand awareness & thought leadership
  2. Increased search engine rankings for your website by virtue of social media bookmarking
  3. Getting content from your website in front of a targeted, valuable audience
  4. Networking with thought leaders in your field
  5. Development of new business relationships
  6. Increasing website visits with warm leads
  7. Generation of new business for your law firm

Brand recognition and thought leadership for law firms

Many lawyers are hesitant to get their brand on social media because they see it as a risk. In reality, this is a ‘head in the sand’ attitude. Whether you are on social media or not, you clients will still form an opinion of your service and tell their friends about it. By having an active and visible presence on social media, you invite clients to give feedback directly to you. Then you can share and shout about the good stuff; and deal with any negative feedback in a way that instils trust in your firm for potential clients.

You can also be sending out informative articles and blogs that introduce people to your area of law. By doing this, you’re not only providing valuable information that is difficult to find on the internet. You’re also proving your value to potential clients, and positioning yourself as thought leaders in your field.

We can create an optimized website for your law firm, write bespoke legal content, create and manage your social media presence for you, and much more. Click here for a full list of online marketing services we provide for law firms.

SEO benefits of social media

Search engines, such as Google, value websites that are connected to active social media profiles over those that aren’t. Further benefit is derived from links to your website being shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. These links are called social bookmarks, and indicate to search engines that your content is liked and useful, therefore improving search rankings.

As well as including links to your website in profiles, you should also be sharing your best content through social media in order to build links from reputable websites. We cna not only share your content through your own affiliated accounts, but also to our bespoke legal networks of thousands of users.

More eyes on social media than traditional marketing

Almost all of the internet-using public are using social media. It’s not just for the young any more – although, arguably, young people still need legal advice.

To place this in terms of traditional marketing, think about billboard placement. The best return will come from a billboard near a main road, or perhaps the high street, where many people pass every day. You put the billboard where the people are, rather than expecting people to come to your billboard!

Social media marketing for law firms is like having advertising space on the busiest street at a bargain price. It would be mad not to do it.

Lawyers using social media for business networking

So you have your website optimised for conversions, and your content strategy is well underway. You’re sending out links to your website with intriguing headlines, trying to lure in avid readers. You want Google and other search engines to see all those links and visits and realise that you are indeed the best law firm in your area.

But it’s not just a broadcast platform! The key is in the name: “social”. You need to give a little, on social media, to get a little. Think of it as less of a monologue, and more like a business networking session. Get involved with the platforms you choose to use. Listen. Search out people who may be of interest to your law firm, or who might be interested in you.

This will depend on your practice area. Corporate law firms may wish to connect with local businesses or financial services. Private client solicitors may connect with services for the elderly. If you practice personal injury law, you might be interested in following health and safety bodies or construction workers. Find these people, and follow them (or like them if you’re on Facebook, and circle them on Google+).

Then, once you’re tuned in, share their updates with your followers and get involved in the conversation. This will catch their interest in you, and they’ll return the favour.

Find new clients with social media

If 96% of the internet using public are on social media, how can you find your potential clients and build a relevant target audience?

People populate their social media profiles with plenty of information about themselves, which means we can customise activity on social media for you to attract your ideal audience. Targeting levels vary across platforms; for example, Facebook campaigns can be targeted to locality, age, gender, interests, profession, education level and more. On LinkedIn, we can advertise to just CEOs, directors or board members. Twitter users can be found according to geographical information, what they Tweet about and who they follow.

This means that we can cultivate a bespoke audience for your law firm to market to.

Generate business for your law firm through social media

Zellera legal technology are experts in social media marketing for law firms. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Setting up your law firm’s social media profiles from scratch, or improving the ones you already have
  • Social Media Optimisation (‘SMO’) –optimisation of social media profiles for search
  • We can create and implement a bespoke social media strategy for your law firm, including consultation to establish your business needs
  • Ongoing management includes daily marketing messages across social media, as well as monitoring and replying to incoming messages
  • We can find, engage and connect with a relevant targeted audience for your law firm
  • We provide bespoke social media training for fee earners, partners and law firms
  • Email and telephone support for your social media activities
  • Reinvestment into paid advertising on social media

Measurable results for law firms on social media

  • Brand awareness and thought leadership:
  • Building a relevant audience for your law firm
  • Sharing your content daily through your own social media profiles
  • Tracking impressions and engagement on social media
  • Sharing your content to our bespoke network of thousands of legal professionals and clients on social media

Generating new business through social media:

  • Tracking of website visits originating on social media
  • Track online written enquiries using our bespoke analytic tools
  • Track calls originating from social media with our advanced call tracking package
  • Calculate ROI based on the average client spend for your law firm

Social media training for law firms in the UK

We provide expert training sessions for UK law firms and lawyers interested in taking their social media marketing efforts to the next level. Contact us today on 01923 750353 to arrange a social media training session for your law firm.

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