How far is too far? What UK law firms can learn from US Attorney Marketing & Advertising

Crazy American law firm ads are a common source of amusement at MLT towers. Every so often another brash, outspoken, US Attorney’s ad will land in our inbox and get shared to the amusement of all. The most recent, sent to us by a client, was a feature on the BBC about the self-styled “Texas Law Hawk” – a young Fort Worth criminal lawyer whose ads have been causing a stir in the States. The [...]

Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms – 5 Best Tips

The topic of the effectiveness of email marketing for law firms and professional services companies is one which marketers regularly debate; is it on its way out? The answer is that it certainly doesn’t appear to be. One of the best statistics to quash this argument is the fact that nowadays more than 200 million emails are sent every minute, according to this article. In a society where [...]

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