Video Marketing for Law Firms & Solicitors

Law firms, like any other businesses, require to find new and interesting ways to reach potential clients and video remains largely untapped in that regard within the legal sector.

As much as written content is still vital to the success of any online marketing campaign (from an SEO perspective, to help establish authority and thought leadership, to increase conversion rates etc.), video is a great way to give potential instructing agents quick overview of an area of practice and introduction to key stakeholders. In under a minute, a prospective client can get all the information they require about your service offering through a short, visually-appealing video clip.

Recent research suggests that audiences prefer video content over other formats with statistics suggesting that 65% of viewers will watch more than three-quarters of any given video. Moreover, more than 70% of professional marketeers report that video converts better than any other medium.

But before you go running for one for the myriad devices I’m sure that you own that will allow you to create video, here are five things you should consider:

5 top tips for video marketing excellence for law firms

Plan ahead

It’s important to spend time working on your concept and script. No matter how much of an authority you are on the subject being presented, once the camera is rolling it’s a different ball game. Talking to the camera isn’t the same as talking to a prospect face to face. Don’t wing it. The last thing you want to happen is for you to look uncomfortable or lacking in confidence. After all, you are trying to promote yourself as calm and sure footed, a steady hand, a trusted business advisor that can be relied on when the going gets tough!

Consider your target market and what their requirements are. What is the best format for your different audience segments? Is it a simple description of service area, talking head interviews with key stakeholders, Q&A videos etc? 

Focus on individual solicitors

Whether you are a niche firm specialising in a particular area of practice, or a full service firm. The chances are that your competitors are positioning themselves in the same way using the same language and targeting the same audiences as you are.

Differentiating your law firm from your competition is difficult. Relationships are built with individuals though, not corporate entities. That being the case, it makes sense to highlight the strengths of the individual solicitors rather than what the firm as a whole focuses on.

Short Q&A style videos that feature individual solicitors can help you build trust with your potential clients and establish your individual solicitors as thought leaders in their respective fields.

Go Pro                                   

Living iLives as we all do, everybody has the ability to create video content. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be troubling The Oscars any time soon. Before you prop your iPad up on the desk in front of you, it’s worth noting that nothing will turn off a prospect more than a poor quality video. If you are considering creating video content then you obviously take your online presence seriously. If you have spent time, money and effort in building up your online presence you do not want to dilute your efforts to date by adding unprofessional, DIY video content into the mix. All of your marketing efforts, including video, should to reflect the professionalism of you as an individual and your firm as a whole.

The good news is that creating video content that looks good and sounds good no longer costs the earth.

Getting the most out of your video

Google loves video. To fully leverage your video content for SEO purposed don’t forget to optimise titles, tags, and descriptions etc. Video is really sharable too. Don’t confine your video to your website, be sure to share them via your newsletters, Facebook page, Twitter profile and LinkedIn pages and profiles. Sharing via social media will help drive traffic back to your site and help from an SEO perspective also.

Include a call to action

As with any form of content, a call to action is vital. Prospective clients may enjoy your video, but make sure you let them know what you want them to do once the credits roll!

Video marketing for solicitors and law firms – get in touch

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